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Would you look at that....

Discussion in 'General Discusion' started by stroque, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. stroque

    stroque New Member

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    So I came across this YouTuber I used to watch known as MajesticWalrus (well known in the Blitz Community on Hypixel). Anyways because he quit YouTube I decided to look at some of his old videos to relive the old days of Blitz. I see an video I haven't watched on his channel called 'Let's Talk'. Long story short, I manage to destroy him in a game and I thought that I would show everyone :D

    Keep in mind that at the time my IGN was Prevision_.

    Go to the 1:48 mark to watch. Cant believe I got scumbagged in the end.

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  2. Staff Member Admin

    TheRuskiMachine Head of Staff

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