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KitPvp Update 4/12

Discussion in 'Kit PVP' started by _Ogle, Apr 12, 2017.

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  1. Staff Member

    _Ogle New Member

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    This update we are focused on implementing game play improvements that should enhance your experience.
    - Double health for all players
    - Kill effects have changed: You get 9 Hearts on kill and 1/4 chance to get each of the following Speed, Regeneration, Resistance, and Strength.
    - When you kill a player you will get their head which you can right click to gain speed 2 and regeneration 2 for 4 seconds
    - When you drop a glass bottle it will be deleted instead of dropped
    - When you shoot a player it will display their health and how far away you shot them from. If you shoot a player from 40 blocks away it will broadcast a message to everyone of your great shot.

    We hope to keep you updated in many soon to come updates- Ogle
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  2. Staff Member Admin

    TheRuskiMachine Head of Staff

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    Thanks for the update Ogle ;)
  3. Yatoh

    Yatoh Member

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    Sounds good to me; although I mainly Moderate PvP rather than play it, I'll be giving this a shot.