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Donation Area Rules

Discussion in 'Donation Area' started by Coco, Apr 24, 2017.

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  1. Staff Member Admin

    Coco Admin

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    Get YOUR name displayed forever on our server!

    We realize, that for most people donating on a server is a big thing. Therefore we want to do something extra back for you. the person that makes us able to have this server up, is not the Strafe team, it is you who makes or breaks this server. We had come up with alot of ideas to give you all a personal thank you, and decided this was the best!

    We have added a donation area, you can warp there from our hub.

    When you donate for our server, you can apply for your own personal tree or NPC.
    These will stay on the server forever.

    Where will your tree or NPC be placed?
    -If you donate a total of $1-$49 you can apply for a tree on the top layer
    -If you donate a total of $50-$99 you can apply for a tree on the middle layer
    -If you donate a total of $100-$249 you can apply for a tree on the bottom layer
    -If you donate a total of $250 and above, you can apply for a NPC on the end of the paths!

    Make sure to get your own tree or NPC displayed on our server before all the slots are taken!

    We will NOT replace anyone’s personal tree or NPC for someone elses!!
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  2. Staff Member Owner

    Catastr0phy Strafe Owner/Founder

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    Wooooot I'm hyped to have my own tree :) Im a very talented treehugger!

    ps. Cant wait until theres so many trees that we can play hide and seek >:)
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  3. Staff Member

    Rxtro Moderator

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    Sounds amazing! Great way to give back!
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  4. Staff Member Admin

    TheRuskiMachine Head of Staff

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  5. Yatoh

    Yatoh Member

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    Well, time for an NPC