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Divine UHC general gameplay

Discussion in 'UHC' started by Catastr0phy, Jun 23, 2017.

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  1. Staff Member Owner

    Catastr0phy Strafe Owner/Founder

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    Hello all,

    Everything stated in here may change over time as we will make changes to benefit gameplay throughout time
    General Game

    UHC is a game mode that has natural generation turned off, and the only way to heal is to use items wich heal you. You receive these items by simply crafting golden apples or making use of our special recipes.

    Divine UHC is a UHC for teams of 2. There will be a max of 40 players in 1 game.
    1 game starts every full hour! (8am, 9am, 10am etc.)
    1 Game is made of: 10 minutes of no PVP to collect items, 30 minutes of PVP and a max of 10 minutes of deathmatch (last man standing). during all this time the world border will shrink. border starts at 1000x1000
    Be the last person standing and win Divine UHC!

    Coins & Score

    Divine UHC works with coins and score.

    Coins: You and your teammate receive 50coins for kills and 300 for wins. These coins can be spent in the shop to upgrade perks, buy kits or buying recipes.

    Score: For every kill, you gain 1 point. For every win, you receive 5 points. The total score you gain will be shown in-game by a star tier system wich you can find below this
    Also, we have leaderboards in the lobby, which not only shows the top player but also will show special NPC's for people who made some big achievements with Divine UHC.

    Star ranks by game score:
    Leather 1* 0-19
    Trainee 2* 20-49
    Farmer 3* 50-139
    Soldier 4* 140-299
    Knight 5* 300-699
    Captain 6* 700-1499
    General 7* 1500-2999
    Champion 8* 3000- 4999
    King 9* 5000-7999
    Divine trainee 10* 8000-10999
    Divine Soldier 11* 11000-13999
    Divine Knight 12* 14000-16999
    Divine General 13* 17000-20999
    Divine King 14* 21000 - 24999
    Divine Angel 15* 25000+

    Divine UHC, Whats special?
    • Custom recipes
    • Custom perks
    • Custom world generation (be ready for a suprise!)
    • Ore rates adjusted
    • Custom Kits
    • Coin system
    • Score system
    • Double health
    • Death chests
    • Many many more features, Only the biggest ones are stated above.

    But most of all, wich is the most important thing:
    People who care. As we all know most servers with UHC are too big to maintain a good playable UHC.
    As UHC players ourselves, we love the game.
    Being Strafe, we want this UHC to be a UHC of the community, the UHC that we keep playable ourselves.
    We only start 1 game every hour so we can have as much possible games watched by staff so we can keep UHC cheater free.

    How you can help make this UHC great:

    • Feel free to apply for our staff team
    • Record and upload any possible cheaters or hackers
    • use /report if you think someone cheats or hacks.
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  2. Staff Member Helper

    iGotPizza Helper

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    Exciting, can't wait
  3. Staff Member

    MushroomDogee Moderator

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    Wow now I'm even more hyped! Can't wait!